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About Us

We are on a mission to enlighten the Future!

Photron was founded with the vision to harness all the energy we are exposed to, to solve day to day problems that we face. Photron makes it possible to bring out immense potential of this energy into real life applications.

A Photron is born

Born with a mission to provide Solar Energy Solution and bring a Revolution in this present Era.

What we have! Transition to Full Service

We are a team! We have a Strong Base of Research and Development. We have Separate team for Designing, Marketing & Sales, Electronics, Logistics and Installation. We Promise to provide the Best Quality Products to you.

We are Expanding

Basically Photron is for the people who are innovative as well as Creative, the one who are from diverse background and working collectively. This concept brings ground- breaking Products to you.

Our Vision is to Revolutionize

  • Provide Energy Solutions.
  • Make the present a Better Place for tomorrow.
  • Developing Renewable Sources of Energy.
  • Enhance Quality of Life of millions.
  • Maximize Non- conventional Energy.
  • Conserve and cultivate more.
  • Our Mission is to Succeed!

  • Deliver High Quality Products to the Customer .
  • Provide Support and Services after Sales.
  • Develop Healthy Relationship with the Customer.
  • Build & Execute a strong R&D Facility Deliver High Quality Products to the Customer.
  • About Our Team!

    Board of Directors

    Mr Abraham Kurian
    Phtoron Power

    Mr Abraham Kurian has over 25 Years of experience in Finance & Tax consultation. He has gained valuable experience in managing medium and large business organizations. He is responsible for the funding and over all finance management of the Company.

    Mr Alotious Manickathan
    Phtoron Power

    Alotious Manickathan, Plays a key role in Administration and Marketing and has been in the past involved in the sales and internet marketing strategies of many companies.

    Mr Jose Thakolkaran
    Phtoron Power

    Mr Jose Thakolkaran has expertise in Marketing and has more than 28 Years of valuable experience in field of marketing. He has a proven track record in the sales and plays a vital role in the sales & logistics management of Photron Group.

    Mr Saju Chacko
    Phtoron Power

    Mr Saju Chacko has vast experience in Channel development and is responsible for building a strong distribution network for Photron Group of Companies.

    Let's work on your exciting new project together! Join our long, happy-client list now.