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Photron Manufactures high quality Plastic Safety Fence plastic Nets, Net Sheets and other Plastic Safety items for variety of uses. We are Traders and Wholesalers of Best plastic safety fences of all types, Extensive range of plastic Nets, Plastic Netting, Plastic Bird Netting, Green & Red Plastic fencing, Fence Guards in Delhi, Kerala in India. Our products are lightweight and easy to use. Photron range of products includes Building & civil construction Meshes, Garden Fences, Landscape Fences in various models and design

Model Size Mesh Type Colors Material Used
PPSF1mtr x 50mtr Roll.RectangularOrangePE


We are manufactures, traders and suppliers of Expandable Plastic Barriers in Delhi, Kerala in India. Our lightweight Expandable Plastic Barriers are widely used for effective control of traffic and pedestrian control. We are traders and wholesalers of cost effective portable plastic barricades and expandable plastic barriers for variety of use both indoors and outdoors. Expandable Plastic Barrier is suited for any space and ideal for blocking hazardous areas. Expandable barriers are lightweight, easy to set up and relocate and at the same time best for difficult weather conditions.

Model Expandable Length Closed Length Height Width Colors
PP2.45mtr300mm960mm380mmYellow & Black

Expandable Plastic Barrier Red

Photron is the leading manufacture, trader and wholesaler of Expandable Plastic Barriers in Delhi, Kerala in India. we are the wholesalers of High quality and Red Expandable Plastic Barriers and other Road Barriers widely used for effective traffic control and Traffic diversions and considered as an important item in traffic management in India. Red and White color of Expandable Plastic Barriers provide better visibility. Light weight design is ideal of easy shifting and quick setup.

Model Expandable Length Closed Length Height Colors
PP 2.5mtr 220mm950mmWhite & Red

Expandable Metal Barriers(Fixed & movable)

Photron Power Manufactures high quality Expandable Metal Barriers for wide range of applications. We are traders and suppliers of Expandable metal barriers in Delhi, Kerala in India. Our Metal barriers are high impact and temperature resistant and made for tough weather conditions. Expandable Metal Barriers are best for effective crowd control and widely used for different types of traffic management.

Model Height Closed Length Expandable Length
PP2EMB 5' foot 2.5" foot up to 16" foot

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