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Solar Road Studs & Road Reflectors India

We are manufactures and whole sale suppliers of Solar Studs in India. Our Solar road Studs are widely used as Road Reflectors in India. We are Suppliers Solar Road Lights and Road Stud Reflectors in India and our Solar Powered Studs are widely used in Highways and Airports. Our Road Studs are widely used in Indian Airports.

Why Use Solar Road Studs?

Solar Road Studs reduce about 50% light pollution compared to conventional lighting systems and use less energy to compared to conventional energy systems. LED lighting can be directed to the exact point of where light is required and thus reducing the total energy requirement. Solar Road Studs is known as innovative energy solution for increased visibility and road safety and illuminating roadways and other areas.

Solar Road Studs bring down road accidents during night. It is also best for bringing down pedestrian accidents and best for pedestrian crossings, speed bumps and traffic intersections. Reflective Road Studs are widely used for increased visibility while keeping the glare a minimum level. Solar Road Studs are commonly used for a greater vision. Road Studs can be fixed easily and do not require electricity and best for all weather conditions.

Choose the Best Solar Road Studs Manufactures & Suppliers in India

Photron Power manufacture and supplies the best quality high compression resistance Solar Road Studs highly suited for different applications according the requirement. Our Road Studs are ideal for Indian Weather & Road conditions. Photron Make Solar Road Studs are best suitable for rural electrifications as studs are very effective in illuminating the rural areas as it does not require electricity

Features and Technical Specifications of Solar Road Studs

  • Solar Panel: 2V/100MA Mono crystalline
  • Storage: 1.2V/600MAH Hi-temperature Ni-mh Battery
  • Lighting Time: 100h after fully charged
  • Work Mode Flashed for 90times per minute or Stable
  • LED Color: Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,White
  • LED Qty: 6PCS Diameter 5mm High Brightness LED
  • Visual Distance: >800meters
  • Turn on Light Intensity: 400-500Lux
  • Lifespan: 3-5years
  • Work Temperature: -20℃ - +80℃
  • Material: Anti-UV PC+Aluminum
  • Product Size: 110*97*24mm,N.W:310g
  • Protect Level: IP68
  • Weight Resistance in static: >20 Tons

    Solar Road Studs & Road Reflectors in Kerala

    Photron Power is one of the leading Solar Road Studs Manufactures in Kerala. We are a well known Solar Road Studs Supplier in Kerala. Our Solar Powered Studs are specially designed for Kerala Weather conditions. Photron Solar Powered lights are widely used as Road Reflectors throughout Kerala.

    Use of Solar Road Studs & Road Reflectors:

    Solar Road Studs for Residential Projects:

    Ideal for Villa Projects and Flats.

    Solar Road Studs for Hospitals & Hotels:

    Customize road studs for the use of Hospitals, Hotels and other commercial complexes.

    Solar Road Studs for Airport Runways:

    Widely used in Airport Runways

    Solar Road Studs for Road Safety:

    An ideal solution to improve road safety

    Solar Road Studs for Road Safety:

    An ideal solution to improve road safety

    Solar road studs in India are widely used in Runways, Highways and also used in Residential villa projects, Flats, Hospitals and Shopping Malls etc

    Solar Road Studs for Petrol Pumps:

    Solar Road Studs are widely used in Petrol Pumps

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