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LED Strip Lights in India

Photron Power is a leading Manufacture of LED Strip Lights in India. We are one of the leading Suppliers of LED Strip Lights in India. We are market leader for best quality LED Strip Lights in India with effective and on time delivery throughout the country. Photron range of LED lighting systems are designed to perform with in a specific voltage to last four years.

Range of LED Strip Lights:

Photron has a wide range of easy to install high quality range of LED Lighting Solutions for Variety of Uses. Our Premium Quality Adjustable LED Strip lights are available in 12V and 24Vwater proof and Non water proof Types for Indoor & Outdoor lighting Solutions.

LED Strip Lights in Kerala

Photron Power is a leading supplier of variety of LED Strip Lights in Kerala. Major Types of LED Strip lights distributed and Sold in Kerala are LED Strip Lights Flexible, LED 5050 Strips, LED Multi Color and water proof LED Strips. RGB LED Strip Lights are also high in demand in Kerala. Our Company is playing an active role in Govt of India’s Make in India campaign as a manufacturer of LED Strip Lights in Kerala. Company is known as the leading supplier of LED Strip Lights in Kerala. Contact us for the best price of LED Strip lights in Kerala and other parts of India.

Multi Colour LED Strip Lights India

Multi Colour LED Strip Lights in India is changing the way how we luminate our homes and rooms. Lighting the indoor and outdoor with the multi-color LED lights gives a vibrant look and new feeling. When done correctly, LED lightings can increase the room’s look and create a whole new level of moods with color changeable lights as per the requirements. LED strip lights eliminate traditional lighting methods and enhance beauty of the interiors.

LED Strip Lights Price in India

LED strip lights help you to decorate your interiors with RGB color LED Strips. LED strip lights are energy efficient, eco friendly and best for changing moods. The price of Indian made LED strip lights is slightly as compared to China strip lights. But Indian made strip lights have longevity of bright performance. Check LED Strip Lights Price online

Types & Features:

  • Flexible LED Strip Lights- Adjustable & Easy to Fix.
  • LED Light Strips with Remote Control- Control Each Led Separately
  • RGB LED Strip Lights- Color Changing LED Strips ,Red, Green, Blue.
  • Multi Color LED Strip Lights- Best for illuminating Bar, Pool, Discos with dramatic lighting effects.
  • Water Proof LED Strip Lights- Flexible and Easy to Install with water protection.
  • 5050 LED Strip- Available in RGB, Water proof & Non Water Proof Types
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